Exploring Puerto Vallarta: A Safe and Fun Vacation Destination

Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach vacation destination for domestic and international tourists, as evidenced by the record number of visitors arriving during the first half of the year. With 12 domestic air routes, 23 from the United States, 14 from Canada and 2 from Europe, Puerto Vallarta has established itself as one of the favorite beach vacation destinations. The city has also reported an occupancy rate close to 90 percent for the months of January to June, and a total of 106,289 passengers by sea through the 95 cruise ships that have arrived at the port. This represents an increase of 108.4% compared to the same period last year, when 928,200 visitors arrived in Puerto Vallarta by air.

Allianz Travel, a leading travel assistance company, recently noted that, as a result of an annual study of favorite places to visit, Puerto Vallarta is among the three domestic destinations preferred by American tourists during the season of summer. The line, which plans seven-night trips that will stop in Puerto Vallarta, has been off the market for a decade. Hotels and resorts in Puerto Vallarta have made it very comfortable for those who are anxiously dipping their toes into the travel pool. From social distancing and capacity restrictions to disinfecting and wearing masks, travelers can enjoy their stay in Puerto Vallarta while staying safe and socially distanced.

LGBT visitors account for 15 to 20 percent of visitor arrivals from Puerto Vallarta in a given year. Even so, it's entirely possible to visit and enjoy Puerto Vallarta while staying safe and socially distanced, going to the beach or hotel pool and dining al fresco. Puerto Vallarta International Airport continues to grow in its air operations, and recently announced flights would begin from Toluca International Airport with Volaris starting July 1 and Viva Aerobus starting September 9.

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