Is cancun better than puerto rico?

I live in Puerto Rico and my brother just spent last week in Cancun. My brother visited Cancun because he wanted the full resort experience. For dolphins, jet skis, guided tours and conventional nightclubs, Cancun will be better. But if you prefer to mix with the locals and have a local experience, then I think Puerto Rico might be better for the reasons I mentioned in this other post.

If you are planning a corporate trip to the beaches of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico or Cancun can be two of the most beautiful places to visit. There is no way to say which is better, both deserve to be visited, but we can summarize them and you can choose based on your goals. The venue for the Tour of Puerto Rico is the Tom Kite-designed track of Trump International Golf Club, it's good, but it largely lacks the setting or drama of El Camaleón. Puerto Rico is influenced by Cuban flavors and is more aligned with the food you would find in other Caribbean destinations.

In Cancun, visiting the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá is a highlight with many tours that include a tequila tasting. Otherwise, if you decide to travel to Cancun, don't hesitate to also visit the Caribbean Trading online store. Within Cancun's hotel zone, you'll find hundreds of hotels to choose from, offering affordable and luxurious accommodations in the same location. When comparing Cancun and Puerto Rico for their activities, both have a ton of incredible cultural and water activities.

Puerto Real Fish Festival (you'll see rare fish), and the Patron Saint of Cabo Rojo in September, and recently some tropical candy festivals. Both host a PGA Tour event every year. The OHL Classic in Mayakoba has just concluded (congratulations to Charley Hoffman on his victory) and in March, the Puerto Rico Open returns to the Trump International Golf Club in Rio Grande. If your choice is to go on vacation to Puerto Rico, be sure to visit the Caribbean Trading stores that are located all over the island.

Both Cancun and Puerto Rico have beaches in the Caribbean Sea, which means that the aquamarine waters are so crystal clear that it's like looking out a window. Both Cancun and Puerto Rico have beautiful golf courses for those who enjoy playing golf while on vacation. In Cancun, you can drive, but be careful with bad roads and dirt roads that lead to some places, and if you are stopped by the police, it can be a bad experience. The Wyndham Rio Mar Resort in Puerto Rico and the Gran Melia Puerto Rico serve thousands of visitors each year.

Surprisingly, Cancun can sometimes be more affordable than Puerto Rico with its great all-inclusive resort deals. Puerto Rico is a beautiful getaway that gives U.S. citizens the opportunity to see the Caribbean without leaving the U.S. UU.

The ease of renting a car and navigating Puerto Rico on your own definitely makes it stand out, as you can do self-guided activities.

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