What makes puerto vallarta a great place for tourists?

Puerto Vallarta Thrives in Its Coastal Location. Life revolves around water, whether it's fishing, boating, or just lying on the beach. One of the best ways to enjoy the city is to go out on the water. Banderas Bay, the body of water in which Puerto Vallarta sits, is one of the largest bays in the world.

Boca de Tomatlán is a quiet fishing village located near Puerto Vallarta. It's a popular spot for scuba diving and is ideal for doing near Puerto Vallarta. Protected by palm trees on either side, “Boca” offers a nice little bay that makes it a great place to relax and unwind away from the crowds. From Puerto Vallarta, you can get to Boca de Tomatlán by taking the Mismaloya bus line.

Located in the romantic area of Puerto Vallarta, Los Muertos Beach is the most popular and well-known beach in the area. The beach is an ideal destination for people of all ages; adults can relax under an umbrella with a cold drink, while children can spend the day splashing in the waves and building sand castles. The more adventurous visitors can even go parasailing, and the beach also has a wonderful 200-foot pier that makes for a lovely walk. The beach is known for its beautiful sunsets, and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars that are open all day and late at night.

If you like adventure and activity, this is one of the things to do in Puerto Vallarta that should be at the top of your list. Casa 449 is a newer family restaurant whose managers trained as international chefs in some of the most expensive restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and Spain. Puerto Vallarta offers a wide variety of water sports for a spectacular day full of excitement and fun. Once at the Cruz del Cerro viewpoint, enjoy a panoramic view of the city while admiring the crystal blue ocean water, lush green vegetation and the spectacular mountain landscape that makes Puerto Vallarta so special.

Known as the setting for the movie Night of the Iguana, the small fishing village of Mismaloya is a beautiful spot for a day trip from Puerto Vallarta. That's why I think it's an unmissable opportunity to take one of the free tours in Puerto Vallarta organized by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Secretariat. Recognizing this new opportunity, visionary leaders such as Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, then president of Mexico, together with Francisco Medina Ascencio, then governor of the state of Jalisco, shared the vision of making Puerto Vallarta a model tourist destination and initiated projects that provided the city with adequate infrastructure. The city is divided into neighborhoods (zones), with endless things to do in Puerto Vallarta along Banderas Bay and beyond.

However, Puerto Vallarta manages to strike a balance between the two, offering a charming and sunny coastal getaway that is a little rough around the edges in the best possible way. Throughout the year, Puerto Vallarta prides itself on hosting a variety of important events: culture and art festivals cover everything from mariachis, international movies to gourmet food, and there are endless tennis, golf and fishing tournaments. Airbnb is alive and well in Puerto Vallarta, so look for an apartment if you want to live like a local. For something even more remote, take an Uber or a local bus to the beaches south of Puerto Vallarta.

With direct flights from most cities in North America and Europe offered by Aeromexico, America West, Alaska and Continental Airlines, Puerto Vallarta has been a fixture on the international tourism map for more than 50 years. The Seahorse Monument is formally known as El Niño del Caballito de Seahorse, and is one of the main symbols of Puerto Vallarta. According to some Puerto Vallarta locals I met, Playa Los Muertos is called “the dead” because, during the colonial period, pirates used to brutally ambush natives who were forced to knock down the gold they collected in the hills through donkeys. .

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