What is there to do in puerto vallarta for 4 days?

The luxurious Grand Miramar offers stunning views of Banderas Bay. Photo by David Dickstein) Las Calitas is a beach retreat for all ages. Puerto Vallarta is located in the beautiful Banderas Bay. It is one of the widest and deepest bays in the world.

There's no shortage of beaches here and they're all clean with plenty of water activities to keep your group entertained throughout the afternoon. This post is about how to plan and execute the perfect one-week vacation for any age in Puerto Vallarta. The restaurant featured in the video and probably the best known restaurant for dining in Puerto Vallarta is Café des Artistes. The Marietas Islands are a group of uninhabited islands in the bay, about 35 km (22 miles) from Puerto Vallarta.

There is no better way to do this than to climb the stairs to the cross that overlooks Puerto Vallarta or the Mirador de la Cruz. Although it shares a name with the popular Puerto Vallarta beach, this is a totally different and unique experience. The Plaza de Armas is always the central meeting point in any Latin American city and Puerto Vallarta is no different. There are so many incredible taco stands scattered around Puerto Vallarta that the options are endless.

Not only are ATVs fun, but because they can go off-road and go through the mountains, you'll see a side of Puerto Vallarta that most won't. You can also opt for a day pass to Grand Fiesta Americana or Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta, so you have access to their amenities, such as swimming pools, beach chairs, umbrellas and restrooms. One of the many good things about Puerto Vallarta is the long Malecón (waterfront promenade) that runs approximately 1.5 kilometers (1 mile). If you're wondering what to do in Puerto Vallarta when it rains, a visit to this church is a good idea.

For people visiting in the summer, know that Puerto Vallarta can be very hot, but it's cool, comfortable and magical in these mountains while swimming under the waterfalls and jungle pools. Regardless of what you decide for your last day from the options listed, your appetite will work up and you'll want to have a nice final dinner in Puerto Vallarta. The Malecón Sculpture Art Walk with Gary Thompson, an expert in the culture and art of Puerto Vallarta, is one of the best free activities to do in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco, on Mexico's Pacific coast, about 200 miles west of Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city.

After discovering all of Puerto Vallarta's incredible excursions, experiences and must-see sites, there is a complete Puerto Vallarta travel planning guide %26 FAQ that follows.

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