Exploring Puerto Vallarta's Rainy Season

The rainy season in Puerto Vallarta runs from June to September, with some rain in October and very little the rest of the year. Puerto Vallarta's climate attracts visitors all year round to come and enjoy the warm sand and cool breezes. In the blue sky that stretches from the ocean horizon to the top of the mountains, the sun floats over Banderas Bay before painting an incredible sunset every night for all to see. Recently, you may have noticed that the news from Puerto Vallarta reported that the rainy season has finally arrived in paradise and you may think that means it's a bad time to visit Mexico's sunny destination. Contrary to popular belief, there is never a bad time to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Although the rainy season usually lasts from July to October, it doesn't mean that your vacation will be ruined. Rainfall may have increased, but there are several myths about the rainy season that need to be eliminated. Puerto Vallarta has a typical tropical climate, with almost constant temperature and humidity throughout the year. Buy a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and some sunscreen before you go down. The rainy season runs from June to mid-October, with virtually no precipitation the rest of the year.

Even in the rainy season, rain normally falls in short gusts, most of the time at night, and most days are hot and dry. Fishing tours and trips are rarely affected by the weather in Puerto Vallarta, it's very rare. In winter, there is much less rainfall in Puerto Vallarta than in summer. The rainy season in Puerto Vallarta lasts from mid-June to October. Most rainfall falls in September, with a monthly average of 340 mm (13.4 in) of rainfall.

During hurricane season, heavy rains can be a threat, but the city's natural geography protects it from the busiest weather of hurricane season. Because there are fewer travelers this time of year, resorts and airlines offer their best deals of the year in late summer and fall, and you can explore the city without tourist crowds. In Puerto Vallarta, the rainy season falls between June and mid-October and sometimes extends into November. The risk of a hurricane is usually highest in August and September, and there are some parts of Mexico that are affected more frequently than others. Puerto Vallarta is one of the places that is often spared the destruction of these tropical storms due to its geographical location.

The wettest season lasts 3.8 months, from June 15 to October 9, with a probability greater than 41% that a given day will be humid. The month with the most humid days in Puerto Vallarta is August, with an average of 24.6 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. Then return to your cozy suite to relax and clean up before enjoying a delicious dinner in the cool of the night at one of Puerto Vallarta's many fantastic restaurants after the breeze has washed away the rain. Since Puerto Vallarta is not in the open sea, the likelihood that you will be hit directly by a hurricane is relatively low and you are more likely to experience a lot of rain, high winds, and high waves. This page contains detailed information about the climate and weather in Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias y Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, which you will find anywhere. The climate in Puerto Vallarta is warm and humid most of the year, with temperatures ranging from winter lows of 16°C to summer highs of 33°C. If you're thinking of a summer vacation, the low season is the perfect time to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Some may wonder what the rainy season is in Puerto Vallarta, and if you take the time to read about this unique season, you'll see all the reasons that make it an ideal time for travel. The quietest month of the year in Puerto Vallarta is July, with an average hourly wind speed of 5.4 miles per hour. From July to October, Puerto Vallarta's weather has regular rains most afternoons, ranging from calm showers to thunderstorms. For purposes of this report, Puerto Vallarta's geographic coordinates are 20.617 degrees latitude, -105,230 degrees longitude and 69 feet elevation. Each resort brings something special to Banderas Bay and beaches during this time; calmly cool nights; green vegetation; spectacular lightning shows; warm days; and fewer tourists crowds! The month with most embarrassing days in Puerto Vallarta is August with 31 days that are hot or worse. Even if you're traveling during hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta there are some great annual events and activities you should visit! While Mexico's rainy season may tempt you to go out and splash in puddles or dance in rain showers it's easy to plan your day around avoiding getting caught in a downpour. .

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