Which is More Expensive: Cancun or Puerto Vallarta?

When it comes to choosing between two of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Both locations offer a variety of activities and attractions, but there are some key differences that can help you make the best decision for your vacation.

Puerto Vallarta

is generally cheaper than Cancun, and it has a more authentic Mexican atmosphere. Cancun has better beaches and a larger selection of hotels, but Puerto Vallarta has a more vibrant nightlife and culture.

When it comes to dining out, Puerto Vallarta is also cheaper than Cancun. When comparing the travel costs of real travelers between Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, we can see that Cancun is more expensive. And Puerto Vallarta is not only much less expensive, but it's actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Puerto Vallarta will allow you to spend less money overall.

Or you can decide to spend more money in Puerto Vallarta and be able to afford a more luxurious style of travel by staying at nicer hotels, eating at more expensive restaurants, going on sightseeing tours and experiencing more activities. Cancun has the edge over most places when it comes to hotels. But Puerto Vallarta has a more authentic Mexican atmosphere: Cancun is very Americanized. Therefore, opt for Cancun if you prefer big resorts and Puerto Vallarta if you prefer boutique hotels. If you want a warm tropical climate, head to Cancun.

If not, make Puerto Vallarta your vacation paradise. We have found that photovoltaics in winter are less humid than in Cancun, so it feels softer. Compared to average prices in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun is much more expensive. We also believe that the atmosphere, character and culture feel much more authentic and Mexican in Puerto Vallarta than in Cancun. Another advantage of Puerto Vallarta is that we have found that it is cheaper than Cancun when it comes to lodging and dining out. Although Puerto Vallarta isn't as focused on nightlife as Cancun, there are several great places to go out at night.

The fact that millions of tourists visit here and there is a large community of expats who love life in Puerto Vallarta just goes to show how people consider it a safe place. The destination event of Puerto Vallarta's annual White Party is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its festive scene. Downtown, which is a little further from the coast, has cheaper accommodations, including houses for rent and hostels available, but staying in downtown Cancun isn't as charming as in Puerto Vallarta. If you're feeling very elegant, you can even stay at Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's old home in Puerto Vallarta, Casa Kimberly. Tourists who dine outside their Cancun resorts often tend to opt for all-inclusive packages and find later-than-normal meal times at local restaurants. If you like long, flat beaches with white sand that contrast with a bright and crystal clear sea, Cancun is the place to visit. If you're looking to experience gay nightlife and enjoy a bit of culture, then Puerto Vallarta is the place to be. In conclusion, both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta have something unique to offer travelers looking for an unforgettable vacation experience.

While Cancun may be more expensive overall, it offers better beaches and a larger selection of hotels. On the other hand, Puerto Vallarta has a more authentic Mexican atmosphere with vibrant nightlife and culture. It also tends to be cheaper when it comes to lodging and dining out.

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