Which is Warmer: Puerto Vallarta or Cancun?

Cancun Activities Water temperatures tend to be warmer in Cancun compared to Puerto Vallarta. This is due to Cancun's location at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, just after the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea. It's probably this particular location that makes Cancun's beaches some of the most incredible in the entire Mexican state of Quintana Roo. In Puerto Vallarta, you'll experience unique facets of Mexican culture through a multitude of locally owned restaurants and boutiques that are located in a charming downtown area.

Right in Cancun's hotel zone, The Ritz-Carlton Cancun is a 5-star retreat and five-diamond AAA winner. You'll notice that many American tourists choose Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas for their Mexico vacation. The atmosphere of Cancun is exactly what you would expect from an urban city designed for the purpose of being a tourist center. And if you're looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, Puerto Vallarta is the best place to do it after Mexico City itself.

Puerto Vallarta also has an international airport, Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR). The city overlooks the Pacific, the largest ocean in the world, and has golden sandy beaches and impressive beachfront hotels, but also areas where you can walk, such as the famous Malecón (boardwalk), Puerto Vallarta's old town, and the pink zone, all within walking distance. Cancun is the ideal getaway for anyone from the East Coast or the Midwest who wants a quick getaway. This is due to Cancun's popularity and the fact that demand also increases prices, in most cases above the national average.

But when it comes to landscape and landscape, only because of the truly unique cenotes, Cancun and the Riviera Maya outperform PV. Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta offers incredible scenery for lovers of photography and incredible boat adventures, and in winter it becomes a playground for whales and dolphins easily visible from the beach. Choosing the winning accommodation between Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya (and Cancun) is a challenge because it really depends on your travel style. We have found that photovoltaics in winter are less humid than in Cancun, so it feels softer.

Both Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are tourist destinations and are relatively safe. That said, Puerto Vallarta has less crime than Cancun. If you like long, flat, white sand beaches that contrast with a bright and crystal clear sea, Cancun is the place to visit. Another advantage is that we have found that Puerto Vallarta is cheaper than Cancun when it comes to lodging and dining out.

While it specifically highlights Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta's home state, as an area for which to “reconsider travel”, it further specifies that there are no travel restrictions for U. But Puerto Vallarta's Romantic Zone remains with the largest LGBTQ clubs in the country. If not, make Puerto Vallarta your vacation paradise. So if you're looking for a warm destination with plenty of activities to do and plenty of culture to explore, both Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are great options.

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