Is the water clear in puerto vallarta?

The water is safe for swimming. Well, the water isn't turquoise like other areas of Mexico, but it has a nice shade of blue. There are some beaches in Puerto Vallarta that have very clear spots that are a turquoise hue, but they don't go to Puerto Vallarta expecting to see something like the Caribbean. Playa Palmares is one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta, known for its long and narrow strip of powdery white sand.

It is a favorite among locals for swimming, as it is located far from rivers and therefore has stunning crystal clear waters all year round. This beach is also a bit secluded and therefore quiet and a perfect place to relax and unwind. The Costa Sur beach is a great example of the beauty you'll find on the beaches in the south of Puerto Vallarta. This incredible beach is not only crystal clear, but it is also home to a wide variety of species ranging from colorful fish, corals, starfish, rays and much more.

The rock barrier placed to protect the sand on the beach also creates an ocean lagoon with calm waters, making it one of the best beaches for swimming in Puerto Vallarta. The Costa Sur beach isn't extensive, but it's the ideal size for guests who enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding on site. These activities can be practiced alone or in the company of our activities team. There are guided tours inside and outside the rock barrier or ocean lagoon.

All rooms at the Costa Sur Resort are facing the sea. Hotel guests can enjoy the most incredible sunsets, dolphins swimming all year round and humpback whales from December to March. This is a fantastic beach if you are traveling with children. Palmares Beach is also a certified “Blue Flag” beach.

The narrow stretch of pristine sand is located 3 miles (6 km) south of downtown. The waters are soft and crystal clear, turquoise in color. It has a lifeguard, restrooms, showers, wheelchair access, parking and food concessions and vendors. Located just north of Puerto Vallarta, is a secluded luxury getaway known as Punta Mita.

Stretched along a 1,500-acre private peninsula, it's arguably home to the most stunning beachside accommodations you'll find near PV. Playa Camarones, or “Playa Camarones”, is another resort adjacent to the resort with beautiful sand, but this is a little more isolated than other coastal destinations in the Hotel Zone, and that makes it a big draw. The name Playa Olas Altas literally means “high beach waves”, but it's a bit of a misnomer. The waves are modest at best, but the general atmosphere on this beach is always energetic.

If there is one beach in Puerto Vallarta that competes with Olas Altas, it is Playa de Los Muertos (Playa de los Muertos). Don't let the macabre name stop you from visiting. It's easily one of the most famous beaches in Puerto Vallarta and is a must-see spot. Puerto Vallarta's tropical climate attracts visitors all year round.

Although the city reports more than 300 sunny days a year, the rainy season runs from mid-June to mid-October. However, don't let the rainy season prevent your visit, as during this time, rains will fall in short, sporadic gusts, most days will be dry and hot. Puerto Vallarta is protected by Banderas Bay, where the coast curves, creating a natural barrier against major storms and hurricanes. The main attraction of Quimixto is its wonderful waterfall, which you can reach by renting one of the horses waiting to welcome visitors, or you can also go hiking if you feel like it.

Aapas Beach is a small area located south of the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta, next to Los Muertos Beach and El Pulpito, a rock formation at the southern end of Los Muertos beach and extending to Conchas Chinas beach. From tequila tasting to whale watching, Puerto Vallarta's tropical climate, protected Pacific bay, and natural geography make this western resort town a prime attraction for affluent and adventurous travelers alike, with a pleasant contrast of luxurious accommodations overlooking a marina full of yachts and a more relaxed atmosphere, surf areas with discreet restaurants next to the beach and a peaceful setting. If you're heading to this Mexican tourist city soon, here's your guide to the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings. Playa de Oro (Golden Beach), a name taken from one of the first hotels built in the area, is located in the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone, with rocks at each end, creating a small safe and sandy bay.

Quimixto is a small town located within the municipality of Cabo Corrientes, south of Puerto Vallarta. This is one of Puerto Vallarta's beaches that are known for offering a variety of water sports activities. By the time you arrive at El Salado Beach, you're already entrenched in Puerto Vallarta's world-famous tourist district. Dotted with ornate mansions and surrounded on three sides by crystal blue waters, it is among the most beautiful luxury getaways in Mexico.

Located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta borders the state of Nayarit and the city of Cabo Corrientes, the Pacific Ocean spans the west side of the city, making it a prime port destination for cruise lines such as Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. If someone can describe how bad the ocean will be in Puerto Vallarta, near the Vallarta Palace during May, that would be great. With a wide and spacious coastline, this place is another of Puerto Vallarta's best beaches for sunbathing. Because it's well-maintained and not too crowded, it's among the cleanest beaches in Puerto Vallarta you'll visit.

Puerto Vallarta is an internationally renowned beach destination due to its warm waters, exotic natural beauty and world-class facilities that blend with warm hospitality. . .

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